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Wow where do I begin....

The moment I walked through the doors at Liz Moore and Associates I felt at home. Donna is simply amazing. Any question I may have she is always available, her door is always open. She loves her job & agents, it shows every day! The administrative staff is like no other. The Marketing department is at your fingertips with the most creative marketing material. I feel absolutely confident when I walk into listing appointments or buyer consultations because I know I work for the best! It's still seems unreal to me to have all of this under one roof and how lucky I am to work here. I've worked for National companies and nothing compares to Liz Moore and Associates. My business took off tremendously when I started here 2.5 years ago. It is all due to Donna's support and everything provided at Liz Moore and Associates - which is always first class!

Shanda Kishlicky-Madriaga
Shanda Kishlicky-Madriaga

The Company You Keep

In real estate, you're known by the company you keep . I owe my continued success in this profession to my association AND positive influence of Liz Moore and Associates.
Selecting the right company is essentially the right key. Liz Moore and Associates is a company that respects it's agents and practices, encourages growth and new ideas, and above all, supports your ambition and initiative.
The most compelling reason however is the company's ability to cope with the changing market landscape. Liz Moore stepped outside of the typical outmoded real estate boundaries of selling and creatively developed an edge to outdistance the competition. IT WORKS !

Dewey Hutchins
Dewey Hutchins

Liz was the most charming and gracious broker I have had the pleasure to meet.

My name is Brenda Carter and I have been a part of the Liz Moore team in Williamsburg since November 2015. I had worked for another locally owned real estate firm for over 20 years! It took a leap of faith to move…but I DID jump and hit the ground running, I haven’t looked back since.

Since meeting Liz for coffee one morning in October, I knew I had to work for her. I knew that somehow and someway I would have to find the courage to move my business. Not only is Liz a great person but she is sooooo motivating without being a cheerleader. She makes you dig deep and want to be the best business person you can be, she WANTS you to be successful for you!
Liz has surrounded herself with great agents and support staff and therefore, as an agent, you have inspiration to draw from, you have knowledge to draw from and so many benefits that I could go on and on….but you get it! We have the resources, the marketing and the business model that Liz implemented, AND IT WORKS!

I have personally seen my production go up 100% so far in 2016. I was the Buyers Agent in June 2016, I can honestly say I would not have done that anywhere else. I can’t pinpoint it, but I believe the energy is our office is so fabulous that it just ignites a fire in me…there is NOT a place in our office for negativity and I love that.

You owe it to yourself and your business to meet Liz Moore, she is awesome.

Brenda  Carter
Brenda Carter

The level of customer service and agent support is unsurpassed!

It took a little persuading when Donna first started telling me about Liz Moore and Associates.

Since I've joined, I've been very pleased to find that everything she told me is true...and then some. I enjoy working for an organization that continues to grow and stays on the cutting edge.

I am proud to be associated with a company that values both the client and the agent.

Joy Gibbs
Joy Gibbs

There are so many opportunities to keep up with the essentials of real estate.

As a busy agent there are always things that you should be doing to push you further along your career. Having in-house marketing that produces beatific custom marketing pieces really gives me time to do the other important income-producing things. I really appreciate that extra enthusiasm of the administrative staff's "can do" really shows!

Plus there are many hands-on learning opportunities which help me keep up with the essentials in real estate. It's always a very fun and happy learning experience which is much like the office in general.

Julenn Keeling
Julenn Keeling

Liz Moore & Associates is the Only Way to Go!

"There are not enough words to express how thrilled I am to be a Liz Moore agent. Liz not only had vision for a better real estate company, but she's accomplished it...and didn't stop there! Every day there are new and creative ideas to be the best. The launch of the Liz Moore Home Journal in the Daily Press is a prime example. I can't imagine working for any other firm. Her commitment to service our clients, as well as her commitment to each agent's well being and happiness, is by far beyond what you will find anywhere else. She stays on top of the market statistics and can spot a trend before it happens, not after the fact. This enables us to be ahead of the market and allows us time to "prepare for, rather than react to" it. I could go on and on!"

Ingrid Bayne
Ingrid Bayne

Just Do It!

I have been with Liz Moore and Associates (LMA) for almost 2 years. I was a successful real estate agent with another company very happy with my personal performance. I was not happy with the management decisions being made that were going to affect my future growth. Many years ago after graduating from college, in what seems like another life, I had a successful career with IBM. Whenever I told someone I worked for IBM, they 'perked up' and listened to what I had to say. Working for Liz Moore is much the same as LMA'S respected reputation within the community is outstanding. LMA management is very 'open' and 'honest' and they provide as much support as you may require depending upon where you are on your career path.

If you are considering LMA as your broker, 'just do it'... you won't be disappointed.

Tim Parker
Tim Parker

Liz is a great visonary!

My experience since joining Liz Moore & Associates has been quite a positive one. They say that a company's tone and vision is set from the top down. She stays very hands on and is on top of the ever changing market and is in tune to the needs of the agents. I appreciate that the company is able to maneuver when it needs to and any suggestions that are made don't get lost in company bureaucracy. Also, day to day broker management is very responsive when an issue arises to help get it resolved.

I have been at other companies throughout my real estate career, however the staff here is unparalleled. If you ask for something, it is almost done instantly! They are all warm and genuinely WANT to help. They truly understand the urgency to get things done and they do it. I tend to be moving very quickly with a lot of things going on at once between running my business and being a mom.

I typically don't require a lot of hand holding, but when I have reached out, they have always been there to help with a positive attitude. It is very hard to build a volume business without the correct support underneath you and when you don't have it, you will definitely see and feel it in your numbers. The staff also communicates effectively and sends out reminders of paperwork that is due as well as upcoming events. The bookkeeping department goes above and beyond to make sure that you are paid correctly and in a timely manner. Most of the staff is cross trained, thus if someone isn't there, everything continues to run like a well oil machine. Having a great administrative staff is essential in being able to get things done efficiently and they are truly the best!

The in house marketing department is a phenomenal asset. They are able to take the random thoughts that I have and piece them together in such a way that is beautiful, unique to me, professional looking and all the while conveying my desired message. They will help you with creating a custom logo and slogan for free. They will create unique marketing pieces that are centered around your logo/slogan to carry through with the continuity of your personal brand. There are also lots of quality in house marketing pieces that are always on hand. They are ideal for putting together those last minute presentations; all you have to do is grab and go. Everything that the marketing department puts out always has a nice look and feel to it, there is nothing that is done half way and the attention to detail is evident. There are a lot of items that are just provided on a company level that most brokerages would charge you for, such as full color buyer presentations, flyers, note cards, and key chains for closings. The company understands the importance of social media marketing and continues to stay cutting edge online as well. The marketing department is quite "techie" too!

I truly enjoy working here and look forward to many more years of continuing to grow my business with the company!

Julenn Keeling
Julenn Keeling

I felt right at home from our very first meeting!

I didn't realize how much I was really missing until I came here-all the minor details that make an agent's life so much easier are all here!

It's so nice to have a full time broker who truly cares and wants her agents to succeed, and the staff is genuine and so eager to please. No question goes unanswered. I feel that I finally have all the tools to be absolutely confident in my real estate career...and it feels amazing!

Shanda Kishlicky-Madriaga
Shanda Kishlicky-Madriaga

I Believe I Know the Real Thing When I See It. Liz is the Real Thing.

I have been able to work with and for some very good leaders. I have been able to see the difference between leadership and management. Without being critical, she leads the most unassuming individual to be better than they think they can be. She coaches, supports, plans, and leads. She sees things in the future, not the past. I am fortunate to work with her and for her.

Teresa Cline
Teresa Cline


For an agent such as myself, having transferred a year ago from another company, the experience at Liz Moore and Associates can be summed up in one word: Extraordinary!

For Liz, providing her agents with every possible innovation and resource is paramount to better serve each of our clients.

First class marketing is provided for us by a superb, resourceful staff. Pre-inspections and pre-appraisals of listings enable sellers to go under contract with negative surprises. For buyers, we have daily in-house top flight mortgage officers from the local area, ready to answer any questions about financing. This is along with the first class Lytle Title Company on site and the resources of attorney Brian Lytle, Liz partner. At closing, our wonderful concierge provides invaluable logistical assistance to both buyers and sellers.

And if this were not enough to make any agents life easier, the continual education we receive on every aspect of conducting our business, is an invaluable asset to new agents and transfers alike. The state mandated credit courses, along with weekly round tables on everything from home inspections to finance and everything in between, provide us with the latest on every detail to enhance our business savvy..

All the above is done in a positive, enthusiastic atmosphere, with agents and staff who respect, appreciate and care for each other. This is truly a family!

All of this is possible because Liz wants what is most beneficial for all of us and our clients, and she leads by example. It is a joy to be associated with Liz Moore, the person at the helm, and the company!

Susan Smith
Susan Smith

Liz embodies the qualities of a true leader!

The leadership I’ve experienced since joining the company in early 2016’ has exceeded my expectations. She has inspired and encouraged me to take my business to the next level. Finally, I feel like I have access to the right resources and education to get there. Liz leads by example, her dedication to the agents and clients is what makes the company an undeniable launching pad for successful agents.

Julie Casey
Julie Casey

It was like coming home when I joined Liz Moore...

As Donna has quoted me many times, it was like coming home when I joined Liz Moore and Associates. We're more than an office, we're family. People actually really care about one another. When you're in a business bind, you can rest assured that someone will cover duty, a walk through or a closing that had a change of date. But it's more than just the general helpfulness. It's coming to the office and people being kind to one another and actually caring how the other person's day is going. It's like being a family member, you're surrounded by love, even in the office. Genuine hugs and “if there's anything I can do for you, just let me know" and knowing that they mean it. It's about being with people that truly get excited for you after a big success but who also pick you up when you've had a disappointing day. We are truly a team and want to see one another succeed!

Kitty Watkins
Kitty Watkins

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