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Our culture is infused with a passion for wowing our clients! We are honored to be a part of their real estate stories and love the opportunity to help them create winning marketing and negotiating strategies. Developing client relationships that last a lifetime, is why we do what we do.

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Alison McPherson

Alison went the extra mile.

She made everything work out for the best! She was also very responsive and quick and kept our best interest at heart:)

Angie McPherson

Alison McPherson

We were very satisfied with Alison!

We were on a 6 hour time difference and Alison was always available. We really appreciated that! She was outstanding in responsiveness, preparation, knowledge and negotiating skills and we will absolutely refer Alison and Liz Moore & Associates in the future.

Katherine Torres

Alison McPherson

Alison went above and beyond to help us find the perfect home!

She was outstanding. Alison was so responsive at all hours of the day, even on the weekend. She found the perfect home, neighborhood and yard for us. Alison made the experience fun and enjoyable the entire time. Everything was so smooth, easy and fun with Alison!

Joy Herndon

Alison McPherson

Alison is Outstanding!

She is generally responsive and helpful. Good at anticipating my questions and concerns. I will refer Alison and Liz Moore & Associates in the future.

Alwyn Enterprises, LLC

Alison McPherson

Alison was always positive!

She was outstanding in responsiveness, preparation, knowledge and negotiating skills. I will refer Alison and Liz Moore & Associates in the future!

Theresa Crisp

Alison McPherson

Alison was wonderful.

Alison was outstanding! She treated the process like she was buying the property also. I will refer Alison and Liz Moore & Associates in the future.

Abraham Walikainen

Alison McPherson

Alison was outstanding!

She really listened to what we wanted in our home. We got together and went over our "must have" list, as well as what we'd like but wouldn't be a deal breaker when viewing homes. She was patient with us as we refined our list and area where we wanted to live. We will refer Alison and Liz Moore & Associates in the future.

Katelyn Press

Alison McPherson

Alison was amazing to work with!

She took into great consideration each of my "needs" and "wants" while staying within my budget and desired location. She was always on time and communicated with traffic. She was incredibly patient and gave me ample time to view each house we visited. I would recommend Alison to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home!

Alyssa Triplett

Alison McPherson

We will absolutely refer Alison in the future!

She was one of the nicest people we have ever had the pleasure to work with. She was patient, calm, efficient, knowledgeable, very hard working, and the list goes on...We were really sad to finish all the transactions because that meant we would not be working together any longer. Every time we said we would do something, she said "I'll take care of it", and it was done. That was most valuable. But the one thing that made working with Alison a perfect fit for us was her calm way of approaching everything.

Andrew & Kathy Probert

Alison McPherson

Alison was outstanding!

She was available for frequent communication. Alison was outstanding in responsiveness, preparation, knowledge and negotiating skills. I will refer Alison and Liz Moore & Associates in the future.

Ashley M. Ober

Alison McPherson

Alison was great!

There are so many things that Alison did. Selling a house can be a very stressful time but with her as our agent we didn’t feel that way. Shewas knowledgeable when asked questions and quick to respond when we contacted her. We especially liked how she reached out to our other realtor up north and was in constant contact with her to make the process go more smoothly.Alison did a great job throughout the whole process.

Kaitlin Davidson

Alison McPherson

Alison went ABOVE and BEYOND!

We were buying sight unseen from Massachusetts and couldn't have felt better having her on our side. Not only did she provide us piece of mind but we ended up loving our home even more in person! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Alison! Alison was very honest and had a great eye. She is fabulous!

Amenda Hopkins


5 stars

Alison McPherson

Awesome Individual and amazing real estate agent.

She had to deal with a married couple who had completely different ideas on the perfect home, she listened and gave us our perfect home! We would recommend her to family and closest friends without hesitation, and know that she would take care of them. Thank You Alison for your patience and hard work towards our home purchase!

Jordan Carles

Alison McPherson

Alison was very personable and honest!

Andrew and Amanda Worthman

Alison McPherson

Alison went above and beyond anything we could have hoped for.

When it's time to sell our current home, we will be using her again. Alison was just so knowledgeable and helpful in finding people to work with us. She was outstanding in responsiveness, preparation, knowledge and negotiating skills. I will refer Alison and Liz Moore & Associates in the future.

Misty Prewitt

Alison McPherson

Alison worked hard for us as the buyer agent.

She made the purchase very smooth. She made all of the arrangements for inspections, info from the condo association, negotiating with the seller agent to get the details of the inspection repairs completed. She was very flexible meeting our time schedule and made the purchase very smooth. Alison was extremely accommodating and I can't imagine anything which would have made it smoother. We were extremely satisfied.

Donald H. Marlow

Alison McPherson

We were lucky to have Alison as our agent!

There are a few times (if you're lucky), in life, when you meet someone whose personality just simply 'clicks',... and meeting Alison was one of those times, for both my wife and myself. How lucky we were to have her, and her genuinely delightful personality working with us and fighting for us to get into just the right (and affordable) place for us. Thank you, Alison.

Andy & Kathy Probert

Alison McPherson

Alison is amazing!

I couldn’t have asked for a better partner during the home buying process. She made the deal happen quickly and without any hiccups. She was super flexible with meeting times, calls and often
we were texting late night working on scheduling walkthroughs etc.

Lisa Hemphill

Alison McPherson

Alison was great!

I had a short window to find a house and close the deal. Alison showed me about 30 houses in three days until I found the one. She had an excellent attitude the entire time and was very attentive. What I found most valuable was that she devoted her time and undivided attention to me. Alison was great. I will refer her and Liz Moore & Associates in to future.

Michael Labine

Alison McPherson

We loved working with Alison!

She was always a joy to be around and we will definitely use her as the Army decides to move us. Alison gave us her undivided attention and always responded immediately. I have definitely enjoyed the home buying process and I have learned so much about real estate.

Georgia Carles

Alison McPherson

Alison is an amazing realtor (and friend) willing to go above and beyond for her clients.

She was wonderful to work with from first call – arranging a quick viewing on our dream house that was very HOT. Alison gave us great recommendations and was a wonderful sounding board during negotiations. Alison communicated promptly and clearly. She kept us in the loop during every step of the process. We know in addition to being there for us during the buying process, we’ve got a resource for anything we need going forward.

Tyler Adams

Alison McPherson

Alison is both professional and friendly.

We loved working with her. We love her positive attitude, her commitment to her work and her fun spirit! Alison treated us with kindness, professionalism and always answered questions right away. Her knowledge was extensive and she made house hunting fun! She was perfect. There was nothing that could have been better.

The Jarmans


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