Dave Grech

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About Dave Grech

I have been helping people buy, sell, and build homes for over 25 years. First in New York City from 1987 to 1999, where I owned and operated a successful real estate office in the Borough of Queens. Now, since relocating here in 1999, I have sold nearly 600 homes in Williamsburg and the Hampton Roads area. I was able to do that for one reason and one reason only. Good, old fashioned hard work. I am available whenever my clients need me. I never push anybody into a sale. I believe in providing only the highest level of service with attention to detail from start to finish. Whether in NY or VA, it still comes down to keeping my word to my clients and not giving up until they are completely satisfied.


#1 Goal
do the right thing

Power of Prayer

Years in real estate

Proudest moment
when my son Christian was born

How I start my day
Sitting on the back porch with my wife

Biggest motivator
Taking care of my family